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Why Advertise on the Internet?

It's the world's fastest growing medium.

By the end of 1996 there were more than 15 million households
in North America with online access. By the year 2000,
North America had more than 38 million households online
- more than one third of all households!

www graph

It's Inexpensive and cost effective
Advertising on the internet is much less expensive than other
advertising mediums. A web site allows you to describe your
products and services in detail. No other form of media
can offer the full color and full information for what you invest
in your website and it has the potential to draw in customers that
could not have been reached before.
It provides global, as well as local recognition.
Advertising on the Internet enables your business to advertise
24 hours a day to local, regional, and worldwide markets,
whereas other conventional methods of advertising
(ie. newspaper, phonebook, TV or radio) only target local
customers and only at specific times. Anyone, anywhere,
and at any time can access your website. The internet has no
boundaries. Its reach extends beyond your city, state, and country.
For small businesses, advertising on a continual basis has been simply
out of reach. The audience a small business can reach has been limited
by its advertising budget. Now it is feasible for a small business to advertise
locally, nationally and even globally.
By the end of 2003, Internet commerce hit $3.2 trillion and represented
5 percent of the world's economy.
The internet provides the ability to
display a full color catalog of products, at a fraction of the cost of a printed
catalog. Customers can easily browse the catalog, place orders and pay for purchases 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!